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The Tversky family hails from St. Louis, MO. Mark, the esteemed father of the clan, is in his own words, "an oral engineer". For those who do not understand Mark-speak, that means he is a Dentist. Marsha, from whose womb the Tversky children emerged, is a world renowned couturier and library scientist. Marsha apprenticed under the great scholar of absolutely everything; the one who, like Madonna, is known only by her first name, June (cue royal trumpets).

The Tverskys have strong roots in St. Louis. Mark's parents, Sol and Julia, both grew up in St. Louis and Marsha's parents Avremel and Mina also spent the majority of their lives in St. Louis.

And it came to be that three children, all daughters, were born unto Mark and Marsha. First, in 1975, came the eldest, Leah Sara. Next, in 1979, came Avra Nataniel Pearl (that's not a typo). Finally, on beautiful Spring day in 1982, the youngest child, Yisha Aharonit Bracha Ariel (that's not a typo either), exploded on to the scene. Everyone was happy. Mark was happy too, even though he soon came to realize that, with the birth of his third daughter, his manhood would, over the course of the next few years, be physically and psychologically removed from his body.

All was good until the "Winter" of 1993, when Yisha began to realize that strong forces were pushing her to the "dark" side. Her skills in tap dancing would soon shrink in direct proportion to the length of her growing skirt. She somehow felt as if she did not fit in with her family. However, her penchant for shopping at Banana Republic and picking at communal food with her fingers inexorably tied her to the Tversky family.

In 1998, something miraculous happened to Tversky family. A shining light from the east came to call upon the eldest, Leah. Unlike the biblical Leah, the young visitor, A.J. Schreiber of Highland Park, NJ, decided that she was good enough to marry, and so he did. However, much like the biblical story, Schreiber toiled for seven long years serving as the sole male in the Tversky family and was subjected to numerous shuttle trips back and forth to New York City, various domicile relocation efforts, IKEA furniture construction, and the unfiltered mockery that comes with being the only male around. As a reward for his efforts, Schreiber was treated as a prince and was routinely presented with the most choice cuts of meat that St. Louis had to offer.

And A.J. knew Leah and begat two lovely daughters; Chloe Anna in 2001 and Lilly Eden in 2004.

In 2005, Yisha met Barry Schwartz of Monsey, NY (to which we should merit a return speedily in our days) and decided that her lifelong dream of living in Israel was no longer that important. The fact that the level of holiness in Monsey far surpasses that of Israel surely played into that decision.

The Tversky family met Barry and saw that he was a Jewish male with a pulse. And it was good.

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