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Yes! That is what Yisha said. Now let's get to the story.

It wasn't all that different from what the idea was. Here is how I remember it a week later.

12:40PM - Approximately 12:40pm (EST) I pick up Yisha from her residence. She is not yet ready, so I go upstairs to rush her out. She packs a ton for the upcoming Jewish New Year holiday (which comes in handy for later).
01:00PM - Approximately 1pm we left Yisha's place to travel to where I planned it would go down. On the way, we talked our normal talk, and she really had no clue. I asked her if it would be all right if I picked up my computer from my office on the way, she of course said it would be no problem. So that was the plan.
01:40PM - We arrive about 1:40 at my office. While we are walking into my office, she brings up how someone at her office was talking about Ask Jeeves. She told me, she told them, that Ask Jeeves would be renamed soon to Ask.com (I told her that). Wow, I thought to myself, what perfect timing. I used that as a transition into my next line.
01:45PM - I ask Yisha to type in her name into Ask Jeeves, because I told her I saw her name come up due to the CBS coverage. She told me, that it doesn't make sense, since her name is nowhere in text on that coverage (cool how she knows how search engines kinda work). But I tell her, that I agree that it is weird, but trust me, it works.
01:47PM - I open up the browser; she begins to type it in, while I grab the ring from a drawer in my desk, behind her. She turns around and says that she messed up. I stay calm, hide the ring in my pocket and fix the screen, which she kind of minimized (using a Mac). Then she continues her search and I reach for the flowers behind the file cabinet. She looks at the screen, probably read it twice, possibly more. I am kneeling behind her when she swivels the chair around. I ask her to marry me.
01:50PM - She has the ring on her finger and started making phone calls to family and friends.

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