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The Schwartz family began with its modest roots in Brooklyn N.Y. After marrying in 1967, Leon and Adrienne (nee Oringer) ventured north to the Rockland hills. There they settled in the idyllic Regency Village nestled in the vibrant community of Monsey. Leon, after completing his doctorate in chemical engineering, took up work at a large corporation as a chemist then material scientist, and climbed the corporate ladder right up to managing and developing their information systems and OR dept. After 30 years with this company, he left to pursue his life long dream in the world of academia and authoring a book which will soon be a close runner up to those Covey guides.

Adrienne, a certified teacher, started teaching for the local school district until she started practicing her true forte, motherhood. After the surviving the 'raising' phase of mothering, Adrienne returned to the classroom at the local girls yeshiva and doubled as a orthodontic office manager. These efforts were translated into currency known to the family as 'furniture money'.

In September of 1970, Jacqueline J./ Yehosheva was brought into the world. Due to the new addition, Leon and Adrienne searched for a larger and more permanent living situation. They found it on Briarcliff Drive. There, they would continue to build their dream, which became the Schwartz family. In 1973, light filled their new home when Adam Raphael was born. The first boy in the entire Schwartz pack (after five girl cousins) Adam truly lived up to his namesake as the first man. After a short, but necessary respite, ultrasound technology revealed that there was going to be a new addition, or more accurately, additions. For the Schwartz 's, the 80's began like a tsunami. Twin boys pummeled into the family, Leon and Adrienne didn't even know what hit them. Ronald Benjamin/Reuvan Akiva was the first one out. Followed by Barry Jacob/Baruch Yaakov. Briarcliff Drive was changed forever. But, they managed, barely.

Jacqueline met Dov (also a native Monseyite) although the time and place of that encounter escapes all, and they married. First in New Jersey, then back to their roots in a suburb of the Monsey metropolis, called Wesley Hills. They bore Avraham Yaakov, Yermiyahu Chaim, Zecharia Yosef, and Aharon Yehuda (note, all male).

Adam found Chanie of Forshay( i.e. Monsey), or visa versa (also a chunk of information oblivious to all). Representing a religious fanatic cult (add sarcastic tone), they settled in the Chareidi West Bank town of Betar Illit in Israel. Adam became a Rabbi and tries to transform other into the same, while Chanie raises Faiga Bracha and Yocheved according to the traditional Jewish rite.

Ronnie defied the 'find a local spouse' streak, and boy did he ever. Civia from El Paso Texas, that's right, El Paso, entered the Schwartz clan in the summer of 2003. They begot Bailee, and also could not break free of the powerful tractor beams of Monsey.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

Jacqueline's sister-in-law, Chaya, proposed a match for the 'not-looking-but-if-something-good-comes-up-I'll-go-out' Barry. Well, something good came up - and the rest is history.

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